Elster Cycle Trail

    Discover the 250-kilometre long cross-border route that runs from the source of the river Elster in Asch (CZ) through Saxony and Thuringia until it joins the river Saale near Halle (Saxony-Anhalt).

    74 kilometres are in Thuringia, from Greiz-Sachswitz to Crossen. The picturesquely located town of Greiz, famous for its park and castle and known as the “Pearl of Thuringian Vogtland”, was the centre of the small state of the Reuss dynasty from the sixteenth century. Take a detour to Nitschareuth with its farming museum or to Wünschendorf with the Mildenfurth Monastery and the Fairytale Forest. From here, it is not far to Gera with its historic town hall, the cave museum (underground system of tunnels and cellars) and the Otto Dix House. Then pay a visit to the Dark Beer Brewery in Bad Köstritz to gather strength for the last few kilometres of the route to Crossen.

    The upper part of this trail features some hilly sections and is suitable for touring cyclists. We recommend that families with children start at the down-valley section from Gera onwards.

    Route data

    Overall length: 240 km
    Length within Thuringia: 74 km
    Starting point in Thuringia: Greiz-Sachswitz
    End point in Thuringia: Crossen
    Altitude difference: 173 to 350 m above sea level
    Difficulty level: medium
    Track conditions: 35 km asphalt, 13 km gravel, 26 km forest and meadow track