Discover Thuringia’s towns by bike

    This flyer presents the route of the cycle trail on a map.
    In addition it also provides you with an overview of the places of interest and the tourist highlights along the cycle trail and contains information on local on-site contact persons.
    A short informative text and an informative image of every town and every region along the cycle trail whet your appetite for a bike trip of discovery.

    You can download the “Discover Thuringia’s towns by bike” flyer (5MB) here.

    Places of interest on the cycle trail

    The “Places of interest on the Thuringia Town Chain Cycle Trail” brochure presents 60 pages of the most charming places of interest along the cycle trail. A total of 99 places of interest are presented from Eisenach to Altenburg. A short introductory text starts by describing each town and region. All of the interesting excursion destinations are presented with a photo and text. In addition, you will find information on how far the places of interest are from the cycle trail and whether there are any restaurants or places to stay overnight. Finally, there is a service page for every town and region, which provides information on the annual festivals, tours provided in the locations, and connecting cycle trails. You’ll also find further important information on luggage and bike parking options, bike hire and repair on these pages. At the end of the brochure, an overview map locates all of the places of interest and helps cyclists to better track the route of the cycle trail and the location of the places of interest.

    You can download the “Thuringia Town Chain Cycle Trail” (10MB) brochure here.

    Bicycle-friendly hosts

    All along Thuringia Town Chain Cycle Trail, there are bicycle-friendly hosts who welcome cyclists for an overnight stay. The selection of hotels, bed & breakfasts, youth hostels, hostels and campsites was made based on specific criteria required by cyclists. All of the accommodation options accept cyclists, even just for one night, and offer a secure shelter for bikes. If you are caught out by a rainstorm, they also offer opportunities to dry out your clothes. What’s more, you’ll find information on train and bus connections and on the nearest bike repair workshop, as well as tourist information, including opening times. The display of the regional cycling maps makes planning the rest of your cycle tour straightforward and detailed.

    You can download the “Bicycle-friendly hosts” brochure (14MB) here.