Journey to Thuringia

    By car

    Thanks to Thuringia’s central location in the middle of Germany and the excellent transport links, it is possible to travel there for the start of your cycle tour on the Thuringia Town Chain Cycle Trail from any town or region in Germany in just a few hours. The central traffic junction for the A 4 and A 71 motorways is the state’s capital city of Erfurt, in the middle of the state, and can be reached excellently from anywhere in Germany.

    By train

    All of the towns along the cycle trail – Altenburg, Gera, Jena, Weimar, Erfurt, Gotha and Eisenach – are connected to the Deutsche Bahn rail network, so it’s easy to just ride smaller sections of the cycle trail.

    Travelling with a bicycle

    DB RegioFor further questions on travelling with a bicycle, contact Deutsche Bahn’s “cyclist hotline” on + 49 1805 / 996633 (14 ct/min., mobile max. 0.42 ct/min.).


    It is also possible to register at DB travel centres.