Travel within Thuringia

    Travel by rail

    You can take your bike with you on local trains in Thuringia free of charge. However, bicycle transport cannot be guaranteed. This is generally determined by the amount of space available. Many trains have multi-purpose compartments where bikes can be accommodated well. These areas are marked on the outside with a bike symbol. Especially at weekends and on routes to and from popular cycle tours, there may be a shortage of capacity for bicycle transport. Groups with three or more bikes are therefore advised to register their travel requirements with the railway company in good time before the journey. The towns of Eisenach, Gotha, Erfurt, Weimar, Jena, Gera and Altenburg all have InterCity, Regional Express and Regional connections to the Deutsche Bahn network. In the following additional towns and communities along the Thuringia Town Chain, there are stations which allow you to continue your journey by train (listed from West to East):

    Wartburg region: Wutha - Schönau - Sättelstädt Gotha County: Mechterstädt - Fröttstedt - Wandersleben - Neudietendorf

    Weimarer Land: Vieselbach - Hopfgarten - Mellingen - Großschwabhausen

    Saaleland: Zöllnitz - Stadtroda - Hermsdorf-Klosterlausnitz - Bad Köstritz - Ronneburg

    Altenburger Land: Nöbdenitz - Schmölln - Großstöbnitz - Paditz


    Deutsche Bahn
    Telephone: +49 1805 / 996633 (14 ct/min., mobile max. 0.42 ct./min.)

    Erfurter Bahn GmbH
    Telephone: +49 361 / 74207-250

    Süd-Thüringen-Bahn GmbH
    Telephone: +49 361 / 5086-0

    Travelling with a bicycle on buses and trams

    It is generally possible to take your bike on buses and trams, as long as the vehicle in question is suitable for bicycle transport and has enough space available. Some companies do not allow you to take your bike at certain times (work and school traffic). You can find information on the rates and conditions of carriage, as well as further advice on travelling with your bike, in the publications of each of the individual companies.

    Verkehrsgemeinschaft Mittelthüringen GmbH
    Telephone: +49 1805 / 13 00 31 (14 ct./min., mobile max. 42 ct./min.)

    KomBus GmbH
    Telephone: +49 180 / 333 72 87 (14 ct./min., mobile max. 42 ct./min.)

    The “Nahverkehrswegweiser” (Public transport guide) Internet portal 

    Bike parking at stations

    You will find places to park your bike at many stations, some of which are sheltered. The bike-parking spaces are normally free of charge, and charges only usually apply for the use of bike lockers. You will find detailed information by referring directly to the Bicycle Route Planner and looking at the respective train station symbols.

    Left-luggage storage

    The following towns offer a left luggage service in the main station for a fee:

    • Eisenach
    • Gotha
    • Erfurt
    • Weimar
    • Jena Paradies
    • Gera

    The following locations offer an additional option for your left luggage storage:

    • Erfurt – Courtyard of the Tourist Information
    • Weimar – South Courtyard of the Weimarhalle
    • Mellingen – “An der Malzdarre” parking place