The Wartburg city of Eisenach

“The area is simply magnificent”, said Goethe to Charlotte von Stein, describing the Wartburg, which he visited for the first time in 1777. This castle, which has been a UNESCO world cultural heritage site since 1999, was home to St. Elisabeth of Thuringia. It is also where Martin Luther translated the New Testament and where Richard Wagner took his inspiration for the opera “Tannhäuser”. The second-largest Wagner collection in the world is housed in the Eisenach Reuter villa, the museum for the Northern German writer Fritz Reuter.

Martin Luther was at school in the town for three years, as is recalled in the modern-designed exhibition in Luther’s House. In Bach’s House – the musical museum in Bach’s birthplace – every visitor can experience a live musical performance played on historical instruments. In the house, which was opened in 2007, visitors can expect a “walk-through piece of music”, and more.

The “Automobile World Eisenach” documents more than one hundred years of automobile tradition in Eisenach, beginning in 1898 with the Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach AG, through the eras of the Dixi, BMW and Wartburg, to the present day with Adam Opel AG since 1991.

The area surrounding Eisenach is a paradise for ramblers and nature-lovers. The famous 168 km long Rennsteig is perfect for hiking. A water tour on the Werra is an experience not to be missed for water-sports enthusiasts.

Four major cycle trails come together in Eisenach, connecting charming nature with towns steeped in history: the Werra Valley Cycle Trail, the Thuringia Town Chain Cycle Trail, the Hercules-Wartburg Cycle Trail and the Rennsteig Cycle Trail.


Cycle from one UNESCO world heritage site to the next

Having soaked up the culture of a guided tour of the Wartburg, a visit to Bach’s House and Luther’s House, taking a look at the history of automobile manufacturing tradition in the “Automobile World Eisenach” museum and a relaxing overnight stay, you can cycle from Eisenach in any direction at all.When coming along the Thuringia Town Chain from the direction of the UNESCO world heritage site of Weimar, it is possible to change onto one of four cycle trails here. The Rennsteig Cycle Trail starts in the district of Hörschel and runs along the ridge through the Thuringian Forest. On the Werra Valley Cycle Trail, you can cycle downstream towards Fulda and the Weser or upstream towards the source of the Werra River in the Thuringian Forest. The Hercules-Wartburg Cycle Trail links two towns with world heritage sites: Eisenach, with its UNESCO world heritage site of the Wartburg, and Kassel with its UNESCO world heritage site of the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe. Travelling along the yellow route, having branched off from the Hercules-Wartburg Cycle Trail in Creuzburg, you’ll soon be in the UNESCO world heritage site of the Hainich National Park, featuring the Treetop Trail.


Marktplatz Eisenach
Market square in Eisenach


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