The state capital, Erfurt

The largest city in Thuringia is characterised by one of the best-preserved medieval city centres in Germany, a charming blend of wealthy patrician town houses and lovingly restored half-timbered houses, overlooked by the monumental St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Church of St. Severus. With a length of 120 metres, the Merchants’ Bridge is unique in Europe as the longest bridge with inhabited houses along its entire length.

But there is also plenty for active holidaymakers and cycle tourists to do.
Two Thuringian cycle paths pass through Erfurt: the Thuringia Town Chain Cycle Trail and the Gera Cycle Trail. Another cycle path, the “Erfurt Lakes” Cycle Trail, passes through the lake landscape in the north of the city.

The nearby 700-hectare deciduous Steigerwald forest area is also a popular destination, with 36 km of footpaths, including a sport and walking tour for people with disabilities.
Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, everywhere you look you will find rest and relaxation in secluded corners or in parks (egapark, Stadtpark, Luisenpark, Dreienbrunnenpark, Nordpark and Südpark or the Brühl Garden), confirming Erfurt’s reputation as a “green lung”. The Erfurt lakes are perfect for taking a swim in summer.

Radweg Erfurter Seen
Radweg Erfurter Seen

Erfurt Lakes Cycle Trail

Anyone who needs a bit of refreshment after a tiring cycle tour can take a trip to the Erfurt lakes – a chain of lakes spanning a length of around 9 km in the north of Erfurt, and a starting point for plenty of leisure activities.
After a short stop at the Merchants’ Bridge, you can head northwards from Erfurt Tourist Information, following the Gera Cycle Trail, where you will find the route to the Erfurt Lakes signposted.  Once you’ve arrived, the cool, refreshing waters of the Stotternheim lido will provide you with that well-earned relaxation. The Alperstedter See is ideal for water-sports activities such as sailing, diving and snorkelling.  In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy the diverse flora and fauna at the heart of this charming, scenic nature-reserve lake landscape.

15 km to the Alperstedt Lake, gradually sloping, mostly asphalted

Erfurt Tourist Information
Branch from the Gera Cycle Trail at Teichmannshof
Apoldaer Straße
Roter Berg residential area
Stotternheimer Straße - Thuringia Zoo Park

“Erfurt Lakes”:
Sulzer See
Schwerborner See
Stotternheimer see
Großer Ringsee
Alpestedter See

Further information:
The Erfurt Lakes Cycle Path leads to the Unstrut Cycle Path.

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