Weimarer Land

Weimarer Land

At the heart of Thuringia, on the tri-city border of Erfurt Weimar and Jena lies the district of Weimarer Land. Characterised by a charming cultural and natural landscape, the region has a unique wealth of historical palaces, manors, parks, churches, museums and monuments on show, in which a variety of significant historical figures lived and worked.

In the picturesque valley of the Central and Lower Ilm, you will find the idyllic spa towns of Bad Berka and Bad Sulza. The surrounding area between Bad Sulza and Apolda is especially worth a visit, too, and is also known as the “Tuscany of the East”, due to its diverse landscape, the tranquil villages and the impressive hillside vineyards.

Over 550km of clearly marked footpaths and 250 km of well-developed and signposted cycle trails provide visitors with plenty of opportunities to recover and relax. A variety of culinary specialities and a series of traditional festivals attract thousands of visitors every year.

Taubacher Wehr
Taubacher Wehr
Connection tour from Mellingen to Kranichfeld

In the picturesque community of Mellingen you will leave the Thuringia Town Chain Cycle Trail and cycle directly on the Ilm Valley Cycle Trail past the Feininger Tower, through the beautiful “Middle Ilm Valley” towards Oettern and Buchfart and then on towards Bad Berka. In Buchfart, you will discover a historical wooden bridge and a very well maintained water mill with a mill store nearby.

The tour then leads past the impressive Felsenburg towards Hetschburg, and finally on towards Bad Berka. At the entrance to the village you will find the Coudray House, with its varying and diverse exhibitions. In the adjacent Goethepark, you will find the Goethe fountain with a drinking station and a wonderfully designed Kneipp facility to help you actively relax and forget the stresses of everyday life. Past Rittergut München, you will then reach Tannroda, where you can visit the Thuringian basket-makers’ museum. From there, you can cycle directly into Kranichfeld – the Town of Two Castles. It is always worth paying a visit to the Baumbachhaus, the Upper Castle and the Lower Castle, with its unforgettable falconry shows.

Stausee Niederzimmern
Stausee Niederzimmern



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