Thuringia Town Chain Cycle Trail

    The 225 km long Thuringia Town Chain Cycle Trail connects seven Thuringian towns and leads through some very scenic areas of Thuringia. This cycle trail is particularly suitable for culture-lovers and touring cyclists. As part of the D4 route, it is connected to the Germany-wide network of cycle routes and connects Altenburg, the town of playing cards, in the East of the Free State of Thuringia to the Wartburg city of Eisenach in the West.

    The Städtetourismus in Thüringen e.V. association is actively involved in the professionalisation of the Thuringia Town Chain Cycle Trail, as seven of the association’s member towns (Eisenach, Gotha, Erfurt, Weimar, Jena, Gera, Altenburg) lie directly on this cycle trail.

    As the site of the branch office of the Städtetourismus in Thüringen e.V. association, Erfurt Tourismus & Marketing GmbH decided to initiate a working group to look at this cycle trail as a whole and promote its completion as well as its marketing. The constituent meeting of the working group took place in Erfurt in September 2005, involving collaboration between tourism experts and planners from the seven towns, as well as representatives from the six administrative districts along the cycle trail, along with Thuringia’s ministries. Since this time, the members have been meeting at least twice a year to discuss and decide on joint projects.

    The goal of the project is to promote the uniform signage of the cycle trail, to make further qualitative improvements to the expansion of the trail and to create coherent map materials. The exchange of experiences in the working group is intended to make solving local problems easier and is simultaneously conducive to an exchange of information on other problems in the promotion of cycling. The collaborative work in the established project group promotes the coordination of all proposals and plans for the Thuringia Town Chain Cycle Trail. Thanks to the collaboration of the responsible planners and tourism experts from the towns and regional authorities along the cycle trail, a representation of all interests is ensured.

    Joint marketing projects on national and international levels are intended to further promote the recognition of this new cycle trail. The qualitative improvement of the cycle trail also has a positive effect on the bike traffic situation in the towns and regions involved.

    Target group

    Culture-enthusiasts, touring cyclists, residents of the towns and regions included


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