Gothaer Land Region

Discover a region of diverse scenery and culture with a special charm all of its own. There are the hills of the Thuringian Forest, home to the Rennsteig Trail and Grosser Inselsberg mountain to the south, the romantic castles of Drei Gleichen in the south-east, the Fahner Höhe hills in the north-east and Hainich National Park in the north-west. And right at the heart lies Gotha, a town with regal traditions. These very diverse regions are criss-crossed by an extensive walking and cycling network that has something to suit almost everyone.
The charming Gothaer Land has so much to offer, including three castles, five castle ruins, and almost 40 museums, galleries and exhibitions. The region also hosts a colourful mix of events, from large cultural festivals and classical music concerts to the regional, traditional volksfest.

Tourismusverband Thüringer Wald/Gothaer Land e. V.
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99867 Gotha

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