Erfurter Dom
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Rendezvous in the Middle of Germany

The state capital is over 1,270 years old and is the economic, intellectual, cultural and political center of Thuringia. Situated at the intersection of old trade routes, the city grew to become a powerful trading and university city during the Middle Ages. Today, the wealth of carefully restored Renaissance and half-timbered buildings is evidence of that prosperity. Together with the many churches and monasteries, the Cathedral Hill and the Krämerbrücke (Merchants’ Bridge) comprise one of the best-preserved medieval historical centers in Germany.

However, active visitors and bicycle tourists can also find a multitude of opportunities to exercise.

Two Thuringian long-distance bicycle paths cross through Erfurt: The bicycle route Thüringer Städtekette (Thuringian City-Chain) and the Gera-Radwanderweg (Gera Bicycle Path). Another bicycle path, the Erfurter Seen (Erfurt Lakes) leads to the lake landscape in northern Erfurt.

The nearby deciduous forest of 700 hectares, Steigerwald, is also very popular for walking and offers 36km of hiking paths, including a fitness and hiking path for people with limited mobility.

And there are plenty of ways to escape the city noise and enjoy the peace and relaxation that gave Erfurt its nick-name “green lungs” in lush corners or parks all around Erfurt (egapark, Stadtpark, Luisenpark, Dreienbrunnenpark, Nordpark and Südpark or Brühler Garten). The Erfurt lakes are inviting places to go swimming in the summer months.

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